Welcome to Victoria Club Tread!

Club Tread has been  on the hiking scene on Vancouver Island for over 30 years and is likely the most active club on the Island.  Prospective members may try three hikes with the Club before being required to join and pay the annual dues.


Our day-hiking and walking events on the south Island run year round. In the winter months we also have ski trips to Mt. Washington, and cross-country skiing closer to Victoria as weather permits. From April to October you can expect hiking, and cycling events in the Cowichan Valley, the Gulf Islands and the San Juans along with weekend and multi-day trips further afield. The Olympic Peninsula is a popular destination along with Mt Baker and Mount Rainier, with back-packing, car-camping and lodge rental. Longer trips have seen Club Treaders as far away as the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, the Grand Canyon and many other National Parks in Canada and the US. We don't limit ourselves to North America either; the Club has held hiking trips in Britain, Italy, Spain and France. 

Club Tread uses 2 websites:

1. clubtread.org (this website)

On this site we handle online  new membership processing and renewals.  It will also give access to the necessary documents and information we need as a non-profit society.

2. Victoria Club Tread Meetup (part of the Meetup.com system)

This interactive website is used by our club to schedule our events, post photos, contact members, etc.

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